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What is "Growth hacking"?
Growth hacking is rapid experimentation across multiple marketing funnels, product development, sales segments, and other areas of the business to identify the most efficient ways to grow your business.
Video / Audio Production
Website & Email Dev/Design
Marketing Strategy
Tracked Conversions
All wrapped into ONE
#1 - Maybe you're new in business and need guided help getting started.
#2 - Maybe your business just needs a video produced. 
#3 - or maybe your business needs desperate help growing now!

Either way my process will make sure your business grows
when we work together.
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"Mikee was great to work with and produced excellent work product. His responsiveness and attention to detail made the process of updating our website with video easy and the results were immediate. Our "bounce rate" saw a significant reduction and interaction with potential clients was much enhanced."
Wm Keith Dozier
Personal injury attorney in Lake Oswego, Oregon
"Mikee created a great marketing video for us, explaining our product. At IMMUNIO, we have a very technical product that is sold to sophisticated IT buyers, but Mikee really made our message clear and encapsulated it well into a video that met all of our requirements and exceeded our expectations. I would love to work with Mikee again!"
Nate Taggart
CEO at Stackery
"Mikee taught me how to market my business that in the first six months took in just about $200k in revenue on one product. He help me build an email list of over 50,000 subscribers and a YouTube channel that has over 8,000,000 views. Mikee was right there to encourage me to help me to take the leap. I'm so glad that I did."
CEO at Pocket Fidget
Mikee created our main marketing promotional video for Chirpify. Its success is evident in the impressions and reach it has driven for the business. 938,635 impressions with 286 likes, driving 2,146 clicks to our marketing site. And this is just from LinkedIn.

Mikee was creative throughout the whole process, and was a one-man-show when it came to the production. He's a pro that gets results. Thanks Mikee!
Chris Teso
Founder & CEO of Chirpify
How Can I Help ⬇
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