Would You Like Me To Design A Custom Ecommerce Marketing Blueprint For You, For Free?

From The Desk Of Mikee Shattuck

Portland, Or.

November 20th, 2019

Dear Friend,

As you know, an automated system that converts advertising into sales predictably, consistently, and profitably is the holy grail of Internet Marketing.

But there’s a problem.

Two, actually.

Here they are.

First, these types of systems are incredibly complex to build. 

Second you can’t help but wonder …

Will It Really Work For Your Business?

And if you’re asking yourself that question right now, it means you’re smart.

And I’ll tell you something most “marketing people” won’t:

There’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” marketing funnel.

Here’s why: Your business really is different.

You have your own unique message, your own unique market you’re going after, your own unique products and price points, and your own unique way of selling.

So anybody that tries to blindly tell you that “this is gonna work great!” without taking the time to really understand exactly your business goals is either just trying to make a sale or blindly naive.

And that’s why we’re going to review your business goals and give you a custom marketing blueprint, free.

Here's Why I’m Doing This.

It’s simple.

I know that a certain percentage of people we do this for will
want me to build their marketing systems for them.

But rather than try to convince you of how great that would be, I figured I’d just demonstrate that I can help you by …actually helping you.

For free.

Here's How We'll Do It.

I’ve set aside some time to have my office personally review your business goals, your niche, and your current sales process (or your plans future selling).

Next, we’ll work with you to determine your sales goals, your ad budget, and what you want your lifetime revenue per customer to be.

After that it’s time to get to work.

Based on what you tell us …

We'll Give You A Custom "Blueprint" Of A Complete Series Of Integrated Campaigns Specifically For Your Business, FREE.

And I believe that once we do this for you, one of these three things will happen:

1. The first possibility is you love the blueprint, you immediately see the power and the potential it has for your business, and you decide you want to build the system yourself.

If that’s the case, great! I’m happy we could help and I wish you the best of luck.

2. The second possibility is you love the blueprint and you’ll want my office to actually build out the entire system for you.

And if that’s the case, we’ll get to work immediately.

Here's What Happens When We Decide To Work Together

We build everything in Shopify and Facebook, and in the event you don’t have an Shopify or a Facebook account, we’ll set one up for you (and we’ll even cover the installation fee for you as well.)

Once that’s set up, we then build and install “building block” campaigns for you.

And by the way, we really do this for you. and make sure you understand the process but we won’t bog you down with “info” …this is turn-key.

Here Are The "Building Block" Campaigns I’m Creating For You Immediately

First of all, these are tested campaigns that are (literally) the exact same campaign structures I personally use in my business, and they’re the same campaigns I build and deploy for private clients.

And you’re not just getting the campaigns.

They each come pre-populated with my ad and email swipe
file …with each message based on the specific copy I’ve personally written in my own business for maximum power.

This way, all you have to change is the messaging so it’s relevant to your business and you’re done. (No guessing what to say and how to say it!)

The first campaign I want to show you is …

The "Winning Product" Finder

This is campaign I send all “new” traffic to in order to find the best dropshipping products or ad creative for private label sellers

You can use it as a “front end” to constantly be getting new prospects into your top of funnel, you can also use it as a “audience builder” campaign to build custom audiences for Facebooks algorithm to find you the perfect customers, and you can use it as a “back end” campaign to deploy to new customers after they buy one product, and are ready to be presented with an upsell offer.

When you initially speak with our office, we’ll help you determine where to use this in your overall marketing blueprint, and once you deploy it, you’ll see why it’s my “go to” first-step in my system.

Next, let’s talk about …

The "ROAS" Multiplier

This is one of my most powerful campaign structures of all time.

You can use it to dail into winning ads and turn them into 3, 5, 10x ROAS (return on ad spend)…

…plus you can use it as a back end campaign to upsell existing customers or as a “bolt on” campaign to attach to part of a dynamic marketing sequence. (I’ll prescribe exactly how to use it when we give you your blueprint.)

I’ve deployed the ROAS multiplier system for all kinds of clients across multiple markets with great success.

As a quick example, I helped a client deploy this campaign to sell his private label dog product and the first campaign resulted in over 400 new sales …all from “cold” facebook traffic.

And of course this campaign works like gangbusters to sell dropshiping or private label products.

But what’s different about what you’re getting is this is no ordinary system.

It’s comes complete with all of the ad copy and creative …all of which I personally implement for you …all of which increase conversion dramatically …and all of which you won’t find anywhere else!

And when we talk, my office will explain exactly when you should deploy it based on what you’re selling and how your business is currently set up.

These "Building Block" Campaigns Are Just The Beginning!

Remember when I told you there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” marketing funnel?

Well, there’s not.

That’s why there’s no way I’d give you these campaigns and send you on your way.

The fact is, your business is unique and your marketing processes should be unique too.

That’s why …

We Combine These Campaigns To Create A Unique "Master" Campaign!

And it’s designed specifically for you, and is unique for your business.

You’ll have automated marketing systems for every situation.

If they watch all of your video ad but don’t click to your sales page, you’ll have a unique sequence automatically deployed to get them to re- engage (and buy!)

If they don’t buy from the first campaign, you’ll have an automated sequence designed to sell them another product.

If they watch all your videos but still don’t buy, you’ll have the invisible offer.

Plus, once they’ve bought, you’ll have automated back-end sequences, upsells, and more.

Literally …you can deploy a marketing sequence for every imaginable scenario …automatically …using what we build for you.

When we talk, we’ll give you a breakdown of what this Master Campaign will look like for free.

That way you can actually see for yourself what it can do for your business. Here’s a screenshot of what one looks like:

Pretty cool, huh?

But it’s about to get 500 times cooler because …

We Also Build And Install Custom Website Templates For You...For Every Campaign!

We build (and install) templates for your products pages, your blogs pages, custom landing pages, your launch pages, your content pages …everything.

But we don’t stop there.
We also integrate everything with your email autoresponder & Facebook ads and “plug it all in” for every campaign …for you.

There are over 30 web pages we build and install for you in total, and they’re all template-based on the web pages I personally have used (and tested for conversion) in my own campaigns!

When we work together, we’re literally doing 99% of the “work” for you ...so all you have to do is tweak the copy on your web page templates, add your own content, and BOOM! You’re off to the races.

And remember – every campaign comes with my ad and email swipe files BUILT IN FOR YOU so all you have to do is tweak each message you want and press “go”.

Everything else is done for you.

All the opt in forms are built and integrated for you, all the templates are built, pre-installed, integrated, and “plugged in” to each campaign for you, and everything is set up and ready to go.

All you need to do is add your own content and make it relevant to your business.

And We Even Help You Do That, Too ...LIVE VIDEO SCREENSHARE

Here’s how that works:

Once we’ve created and installed all your building block campaigns, created your web-pages, integrated everything, and plugged all your pages into each campaign for you, it’s time to jump on a live screenshare session.

That’s where we give you a very, very limited clients-only “Implementation Bootcamp” in which we work with you to perfect your blueprint and tweak your ads. 

See, by the time you arrive, we’ve already built all your systems so you never have to deal with all the super techy stuff.

All that’s left is to show you how to “drive” everything, make sure your “Master Campaign” is exactly how you want it, and then tweak the copy so everything is relevant to your business!

And I Do That With You PERSONALLY.

I designed the screenshare sessions this way so I could personally get in a room with you and help you brainstorm ways to tweak my swipe file to be relevant to your business.

This way, I can literally look over your shoulder and help you tweak your email copy, your web page copy …anything you need.

It’s the next best thing to being a private client (but you don’t have the six figure bill!).

It Keeps Getting Better

Just because we build everything for you and personally help you with your copy doesn’t mean we’re finished.

Far from it!

After we meet, we’ll still work together because every month, you’ll get on a LIVE call with my office where we go over exactly how to use everything and answer any questions you have.

This way, you can rest easy knowing we’ve got your back every step of the way.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering …

Here's How Much It Costs 
 If You Decide You Want Us To Implement Your Free Blueprint For You.

In the event we decide to work together after your initial free consult, we’ll immediately start building everything I described above.

The total cost for everything – the “building block campaigns” built and installed for you, the setup of your Shopify & Facebook account, your 30+ web pages built, installed, and integrated for you, plus the live meeting and the monthly LIVE calls is just one payment of $5,860.

Yes, that is a great price.

I’m deliberately keeping it very, very affordable because I know that once you have this, you’ll be a customer for life.

(The majority of my business has always come from repeat customers.)

Anyway – as you can imagine, there is a HUGE DEMAND for this type of service, and at the great price I just mentioned, I’ll hit my capacity very quickly.

So if you’re interested,

Here's What To Do Next

First, let us give you a “taste” of what it’s like to work together …for free.

And if you like that, then we can talk about accepting you as a client.

The way it works is simple.

To schedule your initial Blueprint session with my office, I’ll need to collect a $100 “real person deposit”.

Don’t worry, I’m not “in it” for your deposit, and it’s refundable under every circumstance known to man.

I’m just collecting it as a way to keep time-wasters at bay and you can have it back after we talk.

And if you think we wasted your time, I’ll give you double the deposit back.

I don’t want your $100. (I think you get the point). 


Here's What Happens After That

Next, you’ll be taken to a quick little questionnaire that helps us get prepared to help you when we talk.

Don’t worry, it’s nothing intrusive or complex.

Just a little info on how your business works (or how you want it to work), what you’re selling, etc.

This info helps us start working on blueprint ideas before we talk so as soon as we’re on the phone, we can hit the ground running and make progress immediately.

Then We Schedule A Time To Go Over Your Business And Create Your Blueprint, FREE.

My office will call you and get you scheduled as soon as possible, typically no more than a day or two from when we first hear from you.

Don’t worry, you’re not going to hear from telemarketers or slick sales people or anything like that.

Chances are, you’re already my customer …so you know I don’t use “outsourced” people.

My entire business is run by a handful of people in a small little office three miles from my house.

Our entire focus is to give you the best custom marketing plan, for free, and let that experience speak for itself.

If you want to become a client after that, great. And if not, no pressure.

Oh, and speaking of the blueprint,

Here's What Happens When We Talk!

You’ll probably talk to me, personally, or my head of development (who’s desk is about 12 feet from mine.)

There are two things we do on the call:

First, we shut up and listen.

We find out exactly how your business works (or how you want it to work).

What you’re selling (or plan to sell), what your price points are, what your upsells and cross sells are, and everything else you want to tell us.

Then we find out what you want to do.

What your sales goals are, how many sales you want to generate each month, what you want your average sale to be worth from the get-go, what you want your upsells to be, and so forth.

Basically, we’re getting a snapshot of where you are and where you want to be.

Next we start to build the plan to get you there.

And that’s where the Blueprint process comes in.

The way that works is we’ll “prescribe” a marketing process and map it out for you …based on your current business model and your goals.

This is very, very important.

Like I’ve said a few times already – there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” marketing funnel and anyone who tells you otherwise is delusional.

That’s why we create a custom blueprint based on your specific business model and sales process …and based on your specific goals.

Next: Using Your Free Blueprint

There are two ways you can use the free plans we give you.

First, you can build the system yourself or hire someone else to do it. If that’s your decision, I’m happy we could help and we’ll wish you the best of luck.

Your other choice is to have us build it for you.

If that’s your decision, we’ll create all the campaigns and web pages I mentioned above …meet with you in person to help you with your copy, and provide you with ongoing support …all for just one payment of $5860. (Price will increase in 2020)

But whatever you decide, please know there will be no pressure to become a client.

Chances are you’re a customer already so you’re probably familiar with my “let the results speak for themselves” approach to business.

Here's The "Catch"
 You've Been Looking For

It’s simple.

We can’t (and won’t) talk to just anyone.

In order to invest our time and energy into providing you with a custom marketing plan, you need to meet some strict (but reasonable) criteria.

Here it is:
1. You can’t sell “get rich quick” products, porn, or any other “shady” stuff that I don’t want to associate with.

Nor will I work with anyone who shares customer data with high pressure “phone rooms” to sell overpriced “coaching” programs, opportunities, or anything similar.

We only work with “clean” businesses and refuse to help anyone harm consumers in any way.

2. You’ve got to actually have a niche picked / A product idea.

This isn’t for total complete beginners.

You actually need to have an existing business or at least an idea of your niche or product …otherwise there’s no point in building all of this.

That’s it!

As long as you’re legitimate and have an actual business concept, I’d be delighted to help you …for free.

And if you get value out of the help I provide and want to become a client, that’s great.

Ready to get started?

Click the button below to go schedule your initial Blueprint session with my office, after we collect a $100 “real person deposit”.

Don’t worry, I’m not “in it” for your deposit, and it’s refundable under every circumstance known to man.

I’m just collecting it as a way to keep time-wasters at bay and you can have it back after we talk.

And if you think we wasted your time, I’ll give you double the deposit back.

I don’t want your $100. (I think you get the point).