The Ultimate B2B Lead Generation "Hack"

By Mikee Shattuck

The first part of this “hack” is creating a super list of the most desirable clients. This list needs to be as detailed as possible and the information can either be scraped by a “bot” or you can pay a human compile it all for you.

Create a list a prospect list:
– Company names
– Websites URL’s + Alexia Ranking
– Social Profile Links
– All Public Email Addresses

b2b lead generation

Where to find info for this list? 
– Public list sites 
– Buy them

The first place to look is public directory sites like yelp or crunchbase depending on your industry. You can also buy email lists but I don’t recommend that for many reasons.  

This list can be used many different ways. Every online advertising platform let’s you upload “customer” lists to use a “Custom Audience”. Once you compile a list of at least 1000 emails you can run ads to them in Google & Facebook networks. (they will not match 100% of the contacts but the more you have the better the results.) 

How To Reach (Almost) Them All?
– Cold Email Daily
– Instagram Custom Audience
– YouTube Custom Audience
– Google Network Custom Audience

Here is a video made by Google teaching you how to upload an email list to their network to use on Search and Youtube ads. 

Here is a video made by Facebook teaching you how to upload an email list to their network to use on Instagram, and Facebook’s network of platforms for ads. a 

For cold emailing a platform we use Email Octopus:

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