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Get 1-on-1 Help To Easily Fix Or Run Profitable Ads That Sell Your Products Or Services Online
(Even if you don’t have any product ideas yet!)​

This one on one session is for anyone who are selling digital or physical products online and / or are running ads now and need help getting them to "work"...

If You are ready to start getting more leads and sales.
Using Facebook Ads does 3 really crucial things:

  • Allows you to run a business from anywhere
  • Track your return on your advertising costs
  • Frees you up to decide HOW you want to create MORE income

I started creating and selling products online in 2015 and to date I’ve brought in well over 6 figures a year allowing me to work from home with my wife and homeschool our kids.

Exciting isn’t it? The potential for sales and income is limitless!
Start with just ONE product. These personal one-on-one sessions can help you start seeing positive results from your ads right away. 

When I realized that I could use Facebook ads to sell products online, over and over again to create more and more sales, I knew I had to help other people do the same.

Here is what we will do our call:

Experience taught me to avoid:

  • Information overload which is creates confusion
  • Wasting time on the elements that don't sell
  • Giving advice on strategies that are theory rather than proven

This will give you a leg up to build an online business and control your future in times of chaos, uncertainty. You can do this from anywhere in the world.​

Step # 1: Setting Up Your Ads The Right Way.

All Facebook wants is your money! They don’t care how you setup or run your ads. 

So much money has been wasted because ads were not setup properly. 

Knowing how to read your data is the only way to find your profit. 

You will learn how to dig deep into the analytics to see the most important data. 

Safeguard your business from getting shutting down by setting up your ad account to be loved by Facebook from the beginning. 

Learn how to make sure your ad account stays open and never get shut down. 

We get deep into your Facebook Business Manager account unlocking all it’s hidden potential.

Step # 2: Finding Your Perfect Audience

Knowing who you are selling to is always a challenge for my clients.

Finding them online with paid advertising is even tougher for them. Not because it’s hard, but because they don’t know how to segment their identity, and use Facebook to tell you actually who to run ads to.

They second-guess themselves and procrastinate till nothing gets done.

Targeting the right audience hold everyone up IF…

…you don’t have guidance and instructions on how who or where they are and what they like.

I will teach you how to isolate and segment a successful audience that is extremely relevant to your product. 

So no more procrastination or confusion. Just get it done!

You might be thinking, “But, Mikee, running ads is so easy for you, you’ve been doing it for years.” Yes, running ads are easy for me now, but they were NOT easy when I started and I was NOT a natural at it. It’s by using a step-by-step process over and over again that it has become as easy as it is today.

I want you to create ads too easily and become a “natural” too.

Step # 3: Ad Strategies For All Budgets

The biggest uncertainties that my clients have when it comes to running ads on Facebook is this:

  • How do I put $1 in and get $3+ back
  • How do I avoid getting doing what everyone else is doing and having my ads stick out like a sore thumb?

I’m going to answer these questions AND show you how to use the best strategies to implement in your business to 10x your results the 1st time. And it doesn’t have anything to do with how much content you create or how big your budget is!

Once you learn these proven strategies, you’ll be able to sell anything to anyone, anywhere anytime.

Plus We've Put Together a New Bonus Package in Light of the Coronavirus.

This will give you a leg up to build an online business and control your future in times of chaos, uncertainty. You can do this from anywhere in the world.

When You Sign up TODAY you get..

  • 1 60+ Minute 1-on-1 Screenshare Call
  • 7+ Courses BONUS!


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Customer Satisfaction is important to us.

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Yes, You can create powerful products and sell them online that help people everywhere.

It’s empowering to know you can take your own knowledge & expertise, create a product from it, and sell it online.

What would be possible in your life if you could simply sell products online?

See yourself telling your family and friends how you make money even while you sleep, imagine their faces!

Imagine having a steady flow of product sales showing up in your bank account every single day!

Meet My Clients That Created Products & Programs Using My Training:

“Mikee helped my build an email list of over 50,000, a youtube channel with over 3 millions views, and sell a product that made $200,000 is sales in 6 months.” – Keegan

“I’ve been working with Mikee for a week now, and he has provided so much value above and beyond what I asked.” – Chidi

“Working with Mikee has been great! He introduced me to my product supplier, completely setup my Shopify store and  and he has been very hands on with my Facebook Ad campaigns too” – David

“Mikee helped established our companies social media profiles with strategies that immediately started brining in new leads. Thank you Mikee!” – Christopher 

“Thank you! You helped keep me so focused, I wish I found you before created my first product.” – David

“Mikee is an awesome teacher! He explains things really well. He gives great tools and amazing demonstrations of those tools ” – Cici

Check Out Actual Calls With Clients:

What's the Value of this
1-on-1 Training?

Well, you’ve just seen it from my clients.

Not only have some of my clients made a fortune with this formula as part of their strategy and plan, but more importantly they are:

  • Making an Impact
  • Doing What They Love
  • Role Models To Their Families and Communities
  • Serving Their Communities
  • Getting Paid To Help Clients They Care About

Is there a more noble profession in the world than serving people by providing products and services they want to buy?

I don’t believe there is, but I do believe in You.

I believe it’s your time.

I believe this program isn’t just worth thousands, I believe it is worth hundreds of thousands.

Because the cost of not living one’s passion and serving others is too great for some people to even stomach.

You have an opportunity right here right now today to take advantage of this One Time Offer. You will likely never see this offer again.

It’s $497 regularly to work with my 1-on-1 but TODAY, you can get One Time Payment of $100

For less than night out for dinner, you can:

  • Start creating ads that get immediate response.
  • Help others transform or solve problems through your products and services.
  • Make Offers That Make Your A fortune While Making an Impact

In addttion to the live one on one training there’s 15 lessons in The Facebooks Ads System accompanied with our sessions:

  • Worksheet to help design your ad targeting
  • Worksheet to create the creative for your ad
  • Worksheet to determine best strategy for your offer

You will likely never see an offer like this again, so be sure to grab it NOW!!

  * For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.

12 month one-on-one coaching from me is $50,000 and I only take on
3 clients per year at this level.
This offer is for anyone who longs to make an impact on the world and in their lives while creating an extra stream of revenue.

All for something you can afford because it’s my way of clearing the path for anyone out there who is struggling unnecessarily.
Because I – just like you, want to make an impact by serving people with products and services they want to buy.
In doing so, help people reach their dreams.

I’ve built my own training, marketing, and coaching business reaching millions people on Facebook alone without sacrificing time with my family.

This training will help you create ads on Facebook to sell your products and services online fast, creating recurring revenue and making an impact.
This is a one-time offer because I know not everyone will be decisive enough to take the step.
But for you, $199.95 gives you everything you need to create a product with no overwhelm or a million pieces to fit together and implement.
Go ahead,  take a deep breath. Then get started.

You can do this.

When You Enroll TODAY…


  • 1 60+ Minute 1-on-1 Screenshare Call
  • 7+ Courses BONUS

Please know, this is a limited-time offer. Meaning, when you leave this page, the offer to get the one on one calls and the 7 trainings for $100 is gone, and the price will go back up to $497.

It really comes down to this – how much do you dedicate to educating yourself and increasing your own skills so you can succeed? 

If you choose to move on and not take this offer, that’s okay too. If you already have recurring revenue from high impact products – Awesome! You’ll do great. Otherwise, you have a great opportunity to do so right here.

You have 30 Days To Try Out The Program.
If this training doesn’t blow you away, just send us an email and 100% of your investment will be refunded.
That’s how confident I am in this program.

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Customer Satisfaction is important to us.

Send us an email at for any questions, comments and concerns.

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